Some information about my counselling style

psychotherapist WarringtonWhat is counselling?

Counselling is a therapeutic relationship that you enter into willingly, usually to help you to deal with difficulties you may be facing in your life. The problems that bring someone to see a counsellor differ from person to person, if anything is causing you to not live your life the way you wish to then it is worth considering bringing it to counselling.

What type of counselling do you offer?

I offer Person Centred counselling in Warrington which is a psychotherapy approach pioneered by Carl Rogers.

Person-Centred counselling is non-directive and focuses on the psychological conditions that open communication empowering you to achieve your full potential.

Your therapy is steered by you, it happens at your pace and we work together respectfully with the issues you choose to bring. More information about Carl Rogers can be found by clicking here.


What things can I bring to counselling?

You may bring any part of your life that is causing you pain, unhappiness or is keeping you from living how you feel you would like to live.

Issues that can be worked with in counselling include, guilt, shame, anger, frustration, depression, low mood, anxiety, bereavement, addiction, relationship difficulties, alcoholism, living with a family member in addiction, fear, heartache, problems with work, confidence and self-esteem, abuse issues, stress and any condition you feel stops you fully enjoying your life.

Am I weak if I feel I need counselling?


There is a misconception that weak people go to counsellors or that visiting a counsellor is a last resort and an indication you are not able to deal with your problems yourself.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that counselling has been around since humans began interacting and socialising.

In the past if a person faced difficulties they would have a community surrounding them, assistance and support would be given by elders or a tribe leader.

As humans have progressed, we have moved further and further away from this sociable model to the point that nobody seems to have time to listen anymore. It seems to me like the more we progress the more isolated we all become.

You don’t have to do this alone.

As a counsellor, I am trained to listen and truly hear where you are at. I go with you into your reality and stay with you no matter how scary it gets, meaning you don’t need to do this alone.

If you like, you can let me know where you are at using my confidential contact, Nobody sees it but me, it doesn’t cost anything and it only takes a few moments. I can then either call you back or send you an email if you wish.

Do counsellors give advice?

Some do, I do not.
How often are your opinions and feelings trusted as the right way to proceed? Maybe not often enough!

I believe there is nobody who knows your life better than you do. Person-Centred counselling is built on the belief that if you are given the correct set of conditions, you will find the answers and the truth that works for you. I support you in finding your own solutions whilst respecting you for who you are.

If you feel uneasy about getting in touch,  you are not alone.

I recognise that for some it's not easy reaching out to someone you have never met.

If you feel a connection with what I share on my website, and you decide to make that first step and get in contact, then it is my hope that you will find me warm, caring, understanding and non judgmental.

You can contact me by clicking here