Counselling Supervisor in Warrington


Hi, I'm Kenneth Kelly and I recognise you have a choice of many counselling supervisors in Warrington.

I hope to outline my philosophy and way of working so that you can make an informed decision of whether you would like to meet up for a chat.

I supervise from a strong Person Centred base and I aim to offer you a professionally held space in which to examine and grow your practice.

Supervision is offered from my comfortable practice room which is centrally located in Latchford Village in the heart of Warrington.

I am easy to reach by bus or car with plenty of on-road parking and I am just a stones-throw-away from Grappenhall, Stockton Heath, Appleton and Lymm.

You can learn more about me, my qualifications and my counselling career by clicking here.

Effective Counselling Supervision

Effective supervision relies on there being a good, honest and open relationship between supervisor and supervisee.
Yes It is important for you to have a supervisor, BUT, it’s more important that you have the right supervisor.

My views on supervision

Supervision is about honestly reflecting on your practice, exploring ethics and legalities, it's about challenge and support, celebrating wins and examining what maybe didn't go as planned.

Supervision should be supportive yet challenging and should encourage you to grow in all aspects of your practice.

Feeling comfortable to share your practice at such depth requires trust, and trust can only develop if you feel integrated and connected in the supervision relationship.

For this reason I offer a free initial session for us to meet up so that you can feel how supervision feels with me.

A supervision relationship can last a long time and you will want to be sure the person you choose is the right fit for you.

If you would like to setup an introductory session than please click here to get in touch.


Counselling Supervisors for Students

I recognise that student counsellor supervision needs to differ from that of a qualified practitioner.

I was privileged to lectured counselling to higher education learners at practice level for a number of years, so I understand the support and guidance needs of a student counsellor.

I offer flexible rates for students looking for counselling supervision during their placements.

If you are a student counsellor and considering counselling supervisors in Warrington then I would welcome you getting in touch.

You can contact me by clicking here.


The BACP and Supervision

The update of the BACP Ethical Framework in June 2016 focuses on the ethical imperative for counsellors and psychotherapists to engage in regular, ongoing supervision.

The BACP offers the following definition:

Supervision is a specialised form of professional mentoring provided for practitioners

responsible for undertaking challenging work with their clients. Supervision is provided

to: ensure standards; enhance quality and creativity; and enable the sustainability

and resilience of the work being undertaken.

(BACP, 2015b)

I believe that having supervision is more than just an ethical imperative.

I believe supervision is like you are putting a safety-net in place for your clients, to perhaps catch any stuff you may miss.

It’s like an having an extra eye to look out for your well-being, to watch for transference or projective identification that might cloud the counselling relationship.

Yes we need supervision, but at the end of the day, we go to supervision for our clients' benefit.

If you are currently searching for a counselling supervisors in Warrington area then I hope you may consider getting in touch for a chat.

You can contact me by clicking here.